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Jesse Gritzinger

Jesse Gritzinger of Throws Like a Girl Ceramics is a potter and educator based at 43rd Street Studios in Richmond, Virginia. Jesse began her ceramics journey in 2013, later graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BFA in Craft and Material Studies focusing in ceramics.

About the work

How it's Made

Throws Like a Girl Ceramics beautifully merges ceramics and screen printing by decorating each piece with hand printed botanicals. Each plant is pressed and burned into a silkscreen, which is then printed on paper with underglaze and transferred to the pot.

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Throws Like a Girl has work available at a variety of in person locations and participates in events around the Richmond, Virginia area.

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Driven by a passion for ceramics and a commitment to nurturing creativity, Jesse strives to share the world of pottery with the community. You can take workshops with Jesse at 43rd Street Studios.

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