About the Artist

Jesse Gritzinger of Throws Like a Girl Ceramics is a potter and educator based at 43rd Street Studios in Richmond, Virginia. Jesse began her ceramics journey in 2013, later graduating from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BFA in Craft and Material Studies focusing in ceramics.



Driven by a passion for ceramics and a commitment to nurturing creativity, Jesse strives to share the world of pottery with the community. You can take workshops with Jesse at 43rd Street Studios.


How it's Made

Throws Like a Girl Ceramics beautifully merges ceramics and screen printing by decorating each piece with hand printed botanicals. Each plant is pressed and burned into a silkscreen, which is then printed on paper with underglaze and transferred to the pot.


Materials and Care

Throws Like a Girl Ceramics pieces are made with high quality mid-fire clay.

All ceramics are dishwasher and microwave safe. However, hand washing is recommended to increase longevity and products featuring felt feet (platters, altars and incense burners) are hand wash only.


Shipping and Local Pick Up

All orders are processed on weekdays.

Shipments are fulfilled within 5 business days.

Local pick up is typically ready within 24-48 hours once order is processed.


Contact and Social Media


Instagram: @throwslikeagirl_

TikTok: @throwslikeagirlceramics

Facebook: @throwslikeagirl


Feel free to send an email with any questions

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